I like to watch sunrise with a hot cup of tea in my hands, take little sips and enjoy black tea’s smell, when its smoke draws mountains with its gracefull lines all over the window, making the window sweat so I can draw my dreams and imaginations…

I like to pour milk slowly into hot chocolate and watch how it gently dissolves in it, with its smoke running onto my face…

I like to watch moon, lightning in the navy blue sky just like a lighthouse, helping people to realize hoü close they actually are without the matter of their location… It is more beautiful when you see the moon in the afternoon in a duet with the sun, like just married loving couple that cannot be separated… Is not that amazing?

I like the summer lighting in the moody orange sky, making me feel like it takes photos of human beings’ sins and faults and saving them in its memory later on…

I like the sunset with pinky-orange clouds that remind me sweet cotton candies from my childhood when I was 5, remember how we walked in the park, remember how my mom took me to the merry-go-round, remember how my little 2 years old brother was scared of the guy in a hilarious cat costume, remember how my dad took me to an old man and bought me a pink cotton candy and an innocent and naive child smile appeared on my face and I felt happy like no one else did.

I like to edit photos of sunsets and sunrises on Instagram.. Choose a suitable filter for them but knowing that nothing else will replace its original beauty…really…

I like to sit in a dark room by the only candle in it, like how it blazes with its unique orange color and a navy part in it that makes a heart shape with the burning orange part, melting the candle and smootly putting down its melted paraffin drops…

Unedited by Nazrin Avie


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  1. neye qore yazdigim serh sayta elave edilmir ve birde eqer munkundirse elbetde sayt azerbaycan dilinde olsa daha yahsi olar

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  3. Nezerinize chatdirim ki cemi 1 yazi rus dilindedi..eger basha dushmursuzse Google translatora muraciyet ede bilersiz.Bashqa suallariniz varsa buyurun.

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