That alien among people… is my bro!

Yes. That alien is my best friend. I can even say that he’s my bro. Logically, if he’s my brother, then identically I’m also an alien 😀 This alien’s ”Earthy” name is Mike Raybourne. but his real name is Bro. The best of the bests, an amazing filmmaker, open-minded creature and extremely-awesome in a word.

Our broship began 2 years ago when I was involved in movie making. The first contest, where I won was Zaqatala Movie contest with my other bro Narmin(female). After that we started to talk a lot and finally met in Baku. I was kinda quiet and calm, but when Mike watched my videos… WOOOOOW. That was kinda awkward 😀 Well yeah, we became really good friends and won international Transkaukazja contest. And, these are not that iportang things. Mike helped me a lot morally too. Our ”lomka’s” and ”toska’s” will be always remembered. Supporting each other no matter what was our motto. Even now, when I don’t feel really well he  does everything to make my day and vice versa. Brat, bilirəm bunu indi Azərbaycanlılardan başqa heç kəs qanmayacağ, amma onu bil ki sən mənim forever qərdeşümsən 😀


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