Sooooo… I think ”mother” sounds too official 😀 Anyways. Just to let you know guys, I’ve started blogging in Enlgish so yeah my American friends, who were dreaming about it, this is the day when Nazrin starts writing in English 😀 Well actually I think my ”exchange” post was in English. Anywayzz(don’t judge me because of grammar, I’m pretty good at it, just acting like some cool American dudes :D).

Azerbaijan is a pretty cool place, dudes, but there are some weird trraditions and customs just like in every nation and ethnic groups. But I think ours are weirder :/ So in some ways, I’m kinda going against the stream (or something like that). Anyone who wants to talk about that weird tratidions and get more info just message me on Facebook or come and talk to me in a person 😀

So why I became like that and went against traditions? Who inspired me? My mom. She is perfect in one word. She the woman that I’m getting inspired by.

She is a Russian language teacher. When she was in college, her English was so fluent that teachers offered her to go and study abroad. But she did not want to study in Russia and going to America considered a betrayal to Motherland USSR, and whoever did that had a huge serious problems with government.

She knows almost 5 languages. Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish, English and she is learning Polish. Though she is 42, she does not stop getting more info about the world. She is never satisfied with books. She is reading, always and will never discovering the world.

She is maybe the only woman with these minds and opinions in Azerbaijan.

Though she is 42 she looks so young. I went to an accessory boutique with mom. We were looking for a gift for her friend. And this is the dialogue between us:

Seller: Are you looking for anything for yourself?

Me: No, thanks

Seller: Are you looking for a gift for you sister?

Me: Which sister?

Seller: Isn’t this your sister

Me: Miss, this lady is my mom and she is 42.

I’m telling you, that girl was 100% shocked 😀

I think, she is the most liberal person in Azerbaijan.Because she never discriminates someone. She doesn’t care about one’s race, ethnicity, religion. She cares about his/her personality.

We are like the best friends forever. I can’t say a word about her smartness. She is the woman who makes me stay alive,strong, who supports me and who gives me a hope. Yes, this woman is my mom. She always says: ”Go against the stream, and never give up when something goes wrong!”.


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