2 lands, 2 families

I have always wanted to write about this but couldn’t find time for it.

One of those important things for an exchange student is having 2 families.


Family in Azerbaijan.

I love my family, especially my mom and my brother. Now I am in America, and my mom never let me to miss homeland so I am not homesick. but sometimes I remember holidays with them. Thank mom that she posts awesome pictures and photos of my favorite actors with quotes to inspire me and make me strong. I’m not gonna write that much about my native family, ecause in 17 years I saw many things 😀

Family in America

Every exchange student gets new family when they become an exchange student. Well, some of my friends from Azerbaijan, that are also exchanges, have some problems with their family, Though some of them still have problems with the 2-nd host-family. Now I will write some events that happened since I came here

1-st day in America. I was so tired because I had 4 flights in 4 different airports. Colorado Springs airport is not that big. So I am here. In the hallway going to get my baggage and see my host-family. A lady in purple shirt is looking at me. Wow! 😀 That was my host-mom. Of course on the first day with different family you feel kind of awkward, you know the language but you can’t speak, though you are a good speaker 😀 My host-mom and host-sister took me to the school. Manitou Springs High School, that is my school’s name 🙂 I don’t remember if we went to grocery store before we got home or after, but I remember what my host-mom said: ”I want you to feel yourself at home. Let’s go to grocery store and buy things that you eat at home”. Well, i was shocked. Because not everyone is doing it. Then when we got home and she said: “I don’t want you to ask me if you can take anything. Just go amd grab it. It’s your new home”

I think a week ago, she asked me if we have any special New Year traditions so they can do it to make me feel at home. I think there is no anything better than this. Because not every host-family does this. For example one of my friend’s host family looking after her when she eats and if she is getting the 2nd portion they starting to tease her. Though it’s a normal-class family, but anyway, if you are hosting a student you should make her feel at home. If you don’t have enough money then why are you doing it? Or when a host-parent asks you not to eat food in a certain place, but at the same time does this in that place. Why? Or when they discriminate you just because you are muslim or different than the others.  I’m just saying, it’s my personal opinion.


So yeah, that’s pretty much it! And yeah, I have 2 families from now on 🙂


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