Girls problem in this society…

We are proud of our national traditions, but sometimes this mentality makes many problems.

So let’s start from school. Since primary school ,people put differences between boys and girls.Girls can not do the actions that boys do. ”You are a girl! It’s a shame!” “But what about him?” “He is a boy! There is no shame for him! You r a girl! It’s a shame on you!”

Sometimes when a girl tell her schoolmate by mistake that she likes him, her schoolmates begin to laugh and make fun of her.

This problem is becoming more and more serious: a girl cannot walk along the street with her classmate (boy), can’t make jokes with him .l would say “must not” instead of “cannot”… anyway. If a girl likes a boy then it’s also blameworthiness!

l haven’t told you about the gossip. If someone like somebody then people made  lies that they have seen them together and how they were kissing!

It forces girls to keep their feelings in their heart. It’s cause of that it makes complexes among the youths. Have you seen the film ”If it’s love?”(russian film)? Society make two young people squemish about each others and it kills their love feelings.

So what should we do?

Girls must be difficult (in a character) clever, quiet… so there must be “bane” on her face in one-word.What girl does think about it? Are girls growing up only for marriage? To be slave for somebody?

Aren’t girls also  HUMAN?


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